J.D. Haglan

Quarterback Trainer

From Snap to Whistle…Actual Playing Time

July 6th, 2017

By the time you finish reading this first sentence, you played one down on the football field (no kidding).  What?  From Snap to Whistle, each play takes an average of 5 seconds.  It doesn’t sound like much, but when you play 60 downs at full speed, you will feel a lot different after the game.  You must be in peak condition to give your absolute best.  On each down, can you give everything you’ve got for 5 seconds?

When playing 60 downs in a game, your actual playing time is only 5 minutes for one game.  (Example:  60 downs x 5 seconds = 300 seconds.  300 seconds divided 60 seconds = 5 minutes).   In a 12 game season, your actual playing time is 1 hour and in a 4 year career, your actual playing time is 4 hours. Make your hard work and effort pay off.  No regrets!

When your game, season, and career are chiseled into seconds, you soon realize the importance of managing your training and conditioning.  Everything you do to prepare…counts!  It comes down to seconds…as every play adds up to your career.  Your daily habits and choices on the football field and in the classroom have a compound effect.  These habits and choices made you who you are today…and will make you who you are tomorrow.  Be the leader your team needs.  Make every second count…from Snap to Whistle!