J.D. Haglan

Quarterback Trainer

Don’t Let It Be You!

July 14th, 2017

Have you ever thought of not being eligible to play football? Wouldn’t you agree this would be a sad day?  To have all the athletic talent to play at the next level, but not have what is most important…the academic profile to live your dream. By being a great athlete, it gives you more reason to want to excel in the classroom…to live that dream…to allow it to become a reality.  Just because you are a great athlete doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention in the classroom.  This is more of a reason.  Stand out for the right reasons.  You are a student-athlete.  You will always be a student first and an athlete second.  Don’t confuse the two.  There are many great athletes that never had the opportunity to play college football because they neglected what is most important…their academics.  Don’t let this be you!

You cannot wait until your junior or senior year to get serious about your grades.  You must be serious the day you enter 9th grade…actually sooner.  Be disciplined and establish good study habits.  It’s too hard to play catch up your junior and senior year.  Your high school “academic clock” starts as soon as you begin 9th grade and ends on your graduation date.  Don’t procrastinate!  You don’t want to be that older person saying, “I wish I would’ve done better in school.”  Give your absolute best effort in the classroom and on the football field…NOW!!!  Please realize this is not a dress rehearsal.

The better your core GPA and SAT/ACT, the greater your opportunity to be recruited.  Remember, you are not only meeting the NCAA/NAIA requirements, you must also meet the academic requirements of the college admissions office.  There are many great athletes that play your position.  If all things are equal (talent, height, weight, speed), the separating factor will be your academics and your attitude.  Make your opportunity because of being disciplined in your academics and in your attitude.  I cannot stress this enough.  A true leader will give great effort inside and outside the classroom.    Be that LEADER!!!  I KNOW you will!!!